Joyful Events with Heivenly Cakes. Loved by the young to the elderly. Healthy cakes for every occasions!
Joyful Events with Heivenly Cakes.Loved by the young to the elderly.Healthy cakes for every occasions! 

Celebrating Birthdays !

Impress your guests with amazing Agar Agar specialty cakes.

A BIG THANK YOU                 

Thank you for the Wonderful support for this year Mothers' Day Agar Agar Cakes.  We are grateful to all our customers and their feedbacks. We look forward to your future support for your future events and celebrations!

To make sure your party is a success, the combination of atmosphere, food and drinks has to be perfect. At Heivenly, we can organize the food and drink a few days for you in advance, earlier if possible – that way there's sure to be enough for everyone. Of course, to get the right atmosphere, you need music. A mix of the best songs from the last few years always goes down well.


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